Monday, September 06, 2010

Creative advertisements for The body shop

The Body Shop Fat Barbie ad
 This Fat Barbie advertisement was forbidden to be hung up in US and China. The complaints included her “nude and nippless figure” being exposed to the public which offended people in the US and China (link).
The Body Shop Fat Barbie ad
The Body Shop Fat Barbie advertisement: "There are 3 billion women who don't look like supermodels and only 8 who do."
This ad was part of the 'Love your body' campaign, whose underlying proposition was to challenge and stimulate public debate on female self-esteem and to position The Body Shop's ethical policy in this context.
The implementation of this ad saw the use of a doll, in the proportions of the average woman, challenging perceptions, from the stick-like supermodels used in much advertising to icons such as Barbie and Sindy that many of the target audience had grown up with.

The Body Shop Stone ad
The Body Shop Stone Ad: "It's life that's too yhort not your legs."
The strategy focussed on developing the campaign principle, in this instance embracing enjoyment of life, whatever you look like. The execution delivered on the concept and challenged the way women see their bodies. (link)

The Body Shop ad - Some women smell better
The Body Shop advertisement: "All women are created equal, some just smell better then others."

The Body Shop Against animal testing ad
The Body Shop ad: "Protect our planet."
The Body Shop Against animal testing ad
The Body Shop ad: "Against animal testing" via (link)

The Body Shop Evolution of women ad
The Body Shop advertisement: Evolution of women.." via (link)