Thursday, January 04, 2007

Weird advertisement

Below are some of the craziest advertisements pictures. Some of them are not real, but they are funny.

Funny Coca Cola Ad - Feel The Curves

Funny Coca Cola ad
BUSH is my Bud

Bush Bud ad
Funny cleaner sdvertisement

Funny advertisementHiroshima are the best batteries!

Weird advertisementFunny Whiskas advertisement

Whiskas funny adPirelli Advertisement

Pirelli weird advertisement
Funny Weet Advertisement

Weet funny ad
Red Hot Martini
Red hot martini ad
Funny Bottle opener advertisement


PCTA creative advertisement

PCTA advertisement

Nail Bitter Funny Advertisement

Nail bitter advertisementDon't get stuck in the wrong job - Funny ad

Wrong job advertisement
Eukanuba advertisement

Eukanuba weird ad
Croona - Corona Advertisement

Corona beer funny advertisementComedy Channel Funny Advertisement

Commedy channel funny ad
Brylcream funny advertisement

Brylcream funny adFunny Big Mac - Coke advertisement

Big Mac funny adFunny Big M Advertisement

Big m funny adFunny Axe Advertisement

Axe funny advertisementFunny Ariel Advertisements

Ariel funny advertisement
Funny Aquafresh Advertisements

Aquafresh funny adFunny Airbag Advertisement

Airbags funny advertisement