Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The most weird and funny ads pictures

Below are some pictures of the most unusual ads.
Would those ads convince you, to buy a product?
I'm sure that beer down there looks tasteful.
Weird anti-smoking ad
One of the most effective ads, I've seen.
And very tasteless.

Weird anti smoking ad
Anti s.m.o.k.e ad
Another weird anti s.m.o.k.e ad.
You will look like your b***, if you won't stop smoking.

Beer ad
This beer is asking you to buy it. Will you?

Weird DB beer ad
Another weird beer ad.
That man really deserves it.

Funny beer ad
Funny beer ad
This is the funniest beer ad I've seen.
Old, but still funny.

Funny old beer ad

Autobots funny ad

Funny autobots ad
For sale
Funny ad, it looks like someone can't take care of his car anymore.
And when you first see this ad, you can't be sure if this guy is selling his car or his daughter.
Or maybe if you buy his car, you'll get his daughter for free...
Funny car advertisement
Funny BMV ad

Funny bmw ad
Funny wedding diet ad
I guess, you'll have to lose some weight, if you don't wan't to end up like this bride.

Funny wedding diet ad

Bad eyesight
Funny ad Superman hanging from it . It looks like he has a bad eyesight too.

Funny ad: Bad eyesight